Astro– short for Astronaut– was born May 28th, 2020.

Astro is finding her way and place in the pack. An important aspect and role she has is being a good friend to her mom, the formerly dog-opposed Ophelia. Part of the ability to bring Ophelia out of her shells seems to be not being threatening— But Astro is not a submissive or passive dog! She is as sassy as her mom can be and ready to hand out clap backs to any of the “lesser pack members” should they try to be rude. Astro is particularly sassy with her sister HeMan. Sometimes, they are great playmates together, and sometimes they can’t stop bickering. Siblings, am I right? Astro is a good playmate for almost anyone in the kennel, so she will rotate playgroups, but spends the most time with Ophelia and Cowboy. She also like Furiosa, Rogue, and big ole Mo.

Astro is a thinker. You can see her working out times to be a naughty nugget, times to not, and evaluating her place in the world. She isn’t shy or insecure, but I predict that this season, learning to really mush, will give her a confidence that will later let her bloom into an amazing dog. Her receptiveness to the world and her happy excitement to always check in with the humans around are good signs of a potential leader, in my opinion.

She’s an amazing dog, and I can see her being incredible as she becomes more grounded in herself, her pack, and what she can do in the great big world.

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