Belle is a 2021 Iditarod Finisher

Belle and her sister Aurora came to ATAO in the spring of 2019, to add to a strong front section of the team. This little leader is probably one of the sharpest dogs in the lot, and she knows it. On our first ever test run, we brought her home across the lawn and “Gee’d” and “Haw’d” her every which way. She took every turn on a dime!

The first time I met Belle, she jumped into my arms with a friendly hello. This confidence and outgoingness totally epitomizes Belle. She’s cocky, cheerful, and ready to conquer the world. She is also an expert pet-accepter.

Belle grew up as a tour dog, but is looking forward to testing her mettle as a racer in the upcoming racing seasons.

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  • Belle Disney Princess Litter, 2015
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