Cowboy was born May 28th, 2020.

Cowboy is how we imagined all of the “dream” pups would appear. She looks a lot like her aunt Emmy, with a beautiful thick coat, a good size, and a pretty wild and wolflike face. She’s also smart like her aunt, and very tuned into me (Will). She likes to sit by me while I scoop poop and just lean, waiting for her daily head massage. Cowboy, like her siblings, is majorly food-motivated, which makes training some behavior things (like coming back to her house after free-play) a lot easier. Still, she DID lead the entire Dream Team on an outside-the-gate excursion recently when she figured out she could push the big gate open when it wasn’t latched one day. I was putzing around letting the group have their run of the yard, and suddenly I realized they were not in the yard at all. Luckily, while Cowboy seems to have let them out, she also led at least Astro back. 50/50 is okay. (HeMan and Poptart found their own way back!)

Cowboy has longer fur than her siblings (which is really saying something!). She really is beautiful, and if she wasn’t so sweet, you might mistake her for a coyote or red wolf. But instead of calculating predator eyes, she has sweet, melt-your-heart-eyes to go along with her sweet, melt-your-heart-soul.

Cowboy is still working on accepting new humans. As a pup she was one of the most outgoing of the litter, and now she’s one of the shyest! At least where humans are concerned. We’re giving her time and with the ability to have visitors, some better socialization along the way. We’ll show her that people are just petting machines ready to help find that itch she can’t reach!

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