HeMan was born May 28th, 2020. HeMan was the loudest of the pups. She loved to declare that she is hungry at all hours… Even while drinking milk!

HeMan is a goofy girl. One of her ears is partway up and partway down, but not in the “normal” way. It’s up/down in where it’s fastened to her head! This gives her a perpetually confused or curious look… Or maybe her confusion and curiosity stuck her ear that way! Who can say. HeMan has become good buddies with her neighbor Sundance, who, despite being at most half HeMan’s weight, keeps HeMan in line as needed. HeMan is a big girl, and she’s not entirely sure about the world.

She’s not shy, exactly, but she’s still taking it in. As her personality develops and as her place in the pack develop, she seems to think she wants to be a boisterous girl… And she also seems clumsily unsure about how to be boisterous yet! She’s paying close attention to big (half) sister Link, Aurora and Belle, and other noisy nuggets at the kennel to learn their tricks. Sundance even taught her the proper pitch to bark at during dinner time!

HeMan loves her brother, who is the only other dog in the race team who is as big as she is (he’s bigger). She doesn’t seem to totally know her own size, but she’s at least slightly more graceful than him. They both look awesome in harness, if a little intimidating next to the tiny normal crew (the tiny normal crew are not, however, easily intimidated). HeMan is watching and learning every day, and I can’t wait to see what she learns and who she becomes this coming season. I predict that dog will be sweet, loud, and a total goober.

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