Hooch is the bee’s knees. Hooch is where the dream of ATAO really began. Hooch is the OG, the start of the kennel, and the matriarch.

Besides being a veteran of countless distance and mid distance races with a plethora of impressive teams, Hooch is also a champion bug catcher, a sweet and curious hiking companion, and a long-legged new convert to the game of fetch. Hooch likes chewing bones, watching her grandpuppies, eating, and– oh yeah– running thousands of miles.

Hooch is retired now from racing life, but she is an important part of Shawn’s retired dog team. She continues to develop her skills as a couch dog, which she is becoming a pro at.

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  • Hooch Born: 2007
  • Lineage Zorro (Mackey), Wilma (Currier)
  • Race History Iditarod, Yukon Quest, Mid Distance Races