Will has wanted a cattle dog since he worked with horses in the Colorado Rockies and met two amazing heeler mixes in 2008. Finally for his birthday this year, Shawn found him a lil ball of trouble. Meet Huckleberry. Huckleberry took all of one day to claim his rightful head of the household. He holds all the other house dogs– as well as his adopted siblings Mungry and Lincoln– in sway.

Huckleberry will have an important role at the kennel of being the “first mate.” He’ll make sure everyone is doing their job. He’ll check the food stores to make sure they are adequately stocked. He’ll patrol the perimeter and check for ungulate intruders. In fact, this is a great job for him, because his mix is Blue Heeler + Lapponian Herding dog. Lapponian Herders are bred to herd reindeer, and part of their job is to scare away moose and predators with their exceptionally loud bark.

Huckleberry comes from our neighboring reindeer farm, who had an “oops” litter with their herding dogs. It’s not an oops to us– It’s a perfect fit! We already love this little guy more than we can believe.

What a perfect boy!

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  • Kennel Role Keeping Everyone In Line
  • Special Skills Being Evil, Barking Insistently, Hiding his Plans with Cuteness