Jessie is the second newest indoor addition to ATAO Kennel. He was adopted our first fall at ATAO by Shawn, who puts a lot of value on adopting older animals and giving them some great final years. Jessie is an odd fellow. He loves FOOD and his nose works great. He spends most of his time napping or barking off-key, but also enjoys hanging out with his young ATAO friends… To a degree. To Jesse (the spelling on his name keeps changing, so I’m rolling with it), no sled dog can measure up the boundless fun of DOG DAYCARE! Once a week or so, Jesse gets to hang out with some pals at ABC K9 Dog Daycare. He LOVES it there. The only thing that perks his measured trots into a happy trot more is taking a big ole dump. Then Jesse will prance his way home. I think we can all relate.

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Jesse’s Buddies:

Laurel Alden Brenner
Rachel D
Keith P Thornhill
Erina Guardia
Sarah Philips
Rebecca H.


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  • Kennel Role Chief of Sleeping and Food Patrol
  • Special Skills Adorable looks, peeing on things, snoring gently