Jovi joins the ATAO team from 17th Dog Kennel, the team of Matt Failor, a longtime friend and fellow “apprentice” of Martin Buser. “Bon Jovi” comes from Matt’s all star leader Cool Cat. She has great race experience and an exceptional attitude. She’s a big girl, weighing in at a strong 60lbs: compared to the ATAO core team, that’s impressive! The extra muscle and experience will be a big help to ATAO.

Jovi looks like the lovechild of Belle and Furiosa (which, Will admits, is a big reason he was drawn to her). She has the face of Belle or Aurora (including those ears!), and the interesting colors of Furiosa. She has the goofiness of all of them combined! She loves to play with her new BFF Annie, or to sniff and explore her new home at ATAO.

This good girl is another “suspicious activity” alarm at the kennel. If there are squirrels, moose, or other dogs having fun, Jovi will sing out. As she gets more used to her new team, she is less alarmed, but of course still a big help! She and fellow alarm-dog Marnie are on opposite sides of the yard, and together they do a fantastic job of surround-sound security.

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