Born May 15th, 2019, Lincoln is one of the first pups ever bred and whelped here at ATAO. Her mother is Ophelia and her grandmother is our kennel matriarch, Hooch. Her father is Brock, an impressive and proven leader from Frozen Trident Kennel.

Lincoln is still little, but growing fast. She is smart, adventurous, and can also be one of the mellowest puppies you’ll ever meet. While her brothers needed a lot of encouragement and physical contact, Link has been an explorer from the start. She was one of the first to climb her way out of the whelping box (under my desk!), and constantly pushes the boundaries of her comfort zone. I’m deeply in love with this little pup and honestly tear up every time I think of getting to cross the finish line in Nome with her.

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  • Lincoln Sayings Litter, 2019
  • Lineage Ophelia (Troshynski) X Brock (FTK)