Although we’re trying to keep a primarily female crew here at ATAO, Mad Max has managed to worm his way into our hearts! He’s one of only two males at ATAO, including his best bud R2. He takes after his mom, Yam, with his red coat and his blocky head. He is one of the “Outlaws”, including his biological sister Furiosa and his two “adopted” sisters Sundance and Cassidy.

Max has spent his year growing and the spring shedding. When he started to shed, it looked like a new and different dog had emerged– Out of a big ole fluffball grew a sleek running machine. He gets leggier every day, and I swear his big block head continues to get bigger and blockier.

Max is a gentle and sweet boy who loves the couch and cuddling. He’s playful and goofy, though he seems to understand dignity a bit better than his sister Furiosa. He and his sis love to yap at each other during playtime– they are both very talkative.

Max is doing great in harness. He gets to run with R2 most of the time, and he and R2 are also neighbors. They spend a lot of their time playing together, and their personalities seem to mesh well. Max is like the goofy jock, and R2 is the emo cool kid.

I expect Mr. Max will keep growing– We’ll see if he can outstrip our biggest dog, Ophelia. They may end up being a running pair too, down the line!

Mad Max’s Buddies:

Tina Nillissen
Dana Bakke
Eric Harmon
Chris L
Rebecca H.

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