Marnie is a 2021 Iditarod Finisher

Marnie comes to ATAO from the venerable Squid Acres Kennel. She is part of the HBO “Girls” Litter (I have never seen that show). I love Squid Acres’ dog philosophy and have enjoyed watching them kick butt in various races, all while demonstrating exemplary dog care, always. Marnie came to us as a happy, bouncy three year old with great socialization and recall. She has that Squid Acre attitude that I know is going to become an important part of the team.

In free play Marnie is fast and energetic. She loves tennis balls, though she’s not totally sure what to do with them once she catches one! She also loves playing chase, and will run around the house with Oli or whoever is game. Sometimes she likes to test the boundaries of the property, just to see what’s out there!

Marnie is Hooch’s niece and Ophelia’s cousin. Her father Wizard is a great sled dog in his own right. I’m excited to involve more of the Harry Potter Litter (Hooch and her siblings) in our lines!

Last summer, Marnie stayed home with us at ATAO (because she arrived here after the rest of the crew had gone up to the glacier). It was a good thing she was here though, because she was a great “Alarm” for when the moose would come by. She did her best to scare them off with her trademark Moose Alert Bark.

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