Mo is the newest member of the ATAO family, a 180 pound lovable mastiff! He came to ATAO at seven years old, which is about the life expectancy of a mastiff, so he is a senior puptizen. Shawn loves giving senior dogs the best home, love, and care that may have been missing from a shelter pup’s life. Plus there was far too much room on the bed—boom, problem solved.

Mo enjoys the ATAO life, full of snuggles, walks, and lots of play with Shawn and the other dogs. Oh, and, he eats A LOT. Fun fact: veterinarians suggest mastiffs eat 2-3 meals per day because they need so much food that only eating one meal puts them at risk of stomach torsion.

Mo is soft and friendly and very snuggly. He is getting along well with his housemates Oli and Huck. Oli is somewhat suspicious—Mo is quite large, after all. But Oli finds Mo acceptable. Sources have indicated that Oli plans to attempt to sit on Mo sometime in the near future.

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  • Kennel Role Being Big
  • Special Skills Reffing Playtime, Farting, Drooling