Nala comes to ATAO from our good friends at Ryno Sled Dog Kennel. She is a super sweet and bouncy little girl with a nice thick coat and a lot of energy! She has a distinctive howl and has made a lot of good friends at ATAO– especially all of the puppies (who are now yearlings).

Nala is enthusiastic and smart. She works hard and has a smooth trot. She also has a TON of energy, and I think she puts a lot of that energy into her giant SMILE! Nala is one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met. She is excited about everything! She makes me laugh every day with her chipper antics. She also impresses me in the team, digging in as we go up every hill. Her tail is always wagging and her tongue is almost always hanging out of her mouth. She’s such a good girl!

Her first season at ATAO, Nala spent about 50% of the time in lead. She’s responsive and dedicated up front, and puts all of her trademark enthusiasm into GOING! Nala’s mom Perm is a great leader for Ryno, so we expect big things from Nala!

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Nala’s Buddies:

The Imbryks
Sara Crump
Nicole Jackson

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