Oliver is Shawn’s young dog-friend. He is naughty, smart, and likes to sit upon things. He especially likes to sit upon living things, such as people, old dogs, young dogs, new dogs, blue dogs, any dogs, etc. He is very very good at climbing, and particularly enjoys getting onto the high dining room table so as to have a perfect view out the window.

Oliver came to ATAO as a wee pup in the late fall of 2018 from a local shelter. He was supposed to be mostly Border Collie, but clearly looks quite husky-ish. He loves his ATAO life. He spends most of his day running literal laps around the house (often chasing or leading the chase, usually wrangling Bonnie or Hooch into the endeavor), or playing with whichever four legged friend he can convince to hang out with him. Oliver is a little suspicious of people, but once he realizes a human offers pats, he’s putty in their hands.

Oliver has brought light, silliness, and joy to ATAO. He keeps us all guessing, laughing, and smiling every day. What a good boy!

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  • Kennel Role Sitter
  • Special Skills Sitting upon things, eating food, chewing stuff