out-of-a-jam-logoWithout Out of a Jam none of this would be even remotely close to possible. First of all, they were crazy enough to give me a job. Not only that, but it is an amazing job, replete with a creative, energetic, collaborative work environment, many mental challenges and puzzles for me, and occasionally tasty treats. I cannot express enough– I will never be able to express– my gratitude towards this company for opening so many doors. The door of being able to run Iditarod includes crazy scheduling flexibility. I won’t even mention the familial moral support that has become just a part of the environment.


Hey, besides my bias in working there, did I mention that Out of a Jam is a pretty awesome company? We fix computers, and we fix them well. Our captain at the helm, Michael Miller, can solve pretty much any problem (believe me, I’ve thrown many his way), and he will probably be ready to (assign me to) solve yours, too.

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