Rey is sweet and smart. She watches and learns. On puppy walks, she figured out to stick close to the person with the treats so she could be first in line. Rey is the smallest of the three girl pups, but she holds her own at playtime and at dinner time! I especially like the way Rey pays attention to everything. I can almost see the wheels turning as she sorts new things out.

Rey has the classic markings of some of her Buser lineage. Out of the four pups here, she looks the most like her mother Pineapple. She’s also a great cuddler.

In her yearling year of racing, Rey completed the Copper Basin 300 and the Two Rivers 100. She did a fair amount of leading in training and tested her mettle in lead in the races, and did well. We expect she’ll demonstrate her impressive heritage as a leader and an athlete in the next few years as we work towards Iditarod!

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  • Rey Star Wars Litter, 2017
  • Lineage Pineapple (Buser), Cloud (Buser)
  • Race History Copper Basin 300, Two Rivers 100