Rogue lives up to her name! She is both naughty and lovable… There is no one like her around. Rogue started off being *mostly* trouble, but as she grows, she becomes more cuddly, happy, endearing trouble, the best trouble around!

Here is some of the trouble Rogue has gotten into:

Learning to jump the play pen fence.

Jumping onto someone’s car.

Escaping while the team was away on a run, and subsequently having a garbage party.

Running Very Fast.

Teasing the other Star Wars Pups.

Here are some of the ways Rogue is super endearing:

Howling at A+ cuteness levels.

Being always ready to cuddle on the couch.

Insisting on getting All the Pets.

Being very proud of all the trouble she does.

Rogue has wiggled and jumped her way into my heart. She is very very smart, and I hope we can channel that energy and intelligence into some stellar leading.

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Rogue is sponsored by Allyson!

Rogue’s Buddies:

James Frye
Keith P Thornhill
Beth Fitz


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