Sundance (the Sundance Kid) is the sweetest lil’ ball of fur you’ll ever meet. Even as she has grown, she remains a ball of fur. I like to refer to her as the local ATAO teddy bear.

Sundance is super expressive and hilarious. She is a bit more round shaped than her lankier sister Cassidy, but of all the young pups, she works by far the hardest in harness. I love that a short-legged round friend kind of kicks butt when it comes to the athletic side of things… Not that I’m biased. From the very first run, Sundance tucked her head down and just pulled as hard as she could. She’s going to be a real asset as we work towards Iditarod. And, she’ll look super cute doing it.

One of my favorite things about Sundance is that she might fit in better with the Star Wars Pups… She talks like a Wookie!!! She loves to “trill” when she wants to get a good pet.

In playtime, her favorite thing to do is grab a ball or toy or stick and just get away from everyone for a while. Unfortunately her pack mates think this is a great opportunity to tease her, but she is pretty fast for having such little legs! Usually she can find a quiet corner for herself to enjoy some good dog R&R, chewing on something.

In her yearling year, Sundance proved herself to be one of the hardest workers on the team– Even though she may be the smallest dog.

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