After I completed a summer of sled dog tour guiding on the Denver Glacier near Skagway, Alaska, I wanted to create a site where I could consolidate ideas, thoughts, and stories. It didn’t travel far, but this is the result. The Checkered Bandana was named in a roundabout way for a dog named Griz who I worked with on the glacier. He was from an awesome little kennel near Fairbanks, one of a group of really well-cared for dogs. And, he was one of the most shy sled dogs I’d ever encountered: when I first met him, he hid from me and everyone else. By the end of our months on the ice, he and I had formed a little bond. He was an awesome little guy, and I was glad to get to know him up there. I’ve heard that since that summer he’s come out of his shell quite a bit. I’m glad to hear it. Here are some stories about sled dogs.

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