Potato Museum!

Shawn has officially welcomed the last of Marnie’s puppies to stay at the ATAO homestead as their very first sled dog of their own!

You guessed it, her name is Potato Museum. She shall also be called potato, puptato, tato, and mu. Shawn aspires one day to visit the incredible potato museum in person. I know this may sound sarcastic, but I am incredibly serious. It is my dream. 

Potato has been transitioning into inside life for the summer following the very sad departure of her mom and siblings to their respective new homes / summer jobs (Marnie is working with Riley again this summer, this time at the Iditarod headquarters showing visitors the joys of mushing!). Potato loves to play with Huck, Oli, Zenny, Annie and Bonnie. Potato minds her space with Linda, whom begrudgingly accepts Potato as a houseguest. 

Potato shall spend the summer playing with her friends, adventuring with the goggins clan, and building confidence in herself. When the dogs come home from summer camp, she will be transitioned into official sled dog life, but focused with the Goggins team of youngins. 

Shawn has been bonding with and training the puppies this past year. They had an absolute blast running their first ever sled dog race last year in celebration of the independent adventuring skills they’ve been learning and practicing. Shawn has very high hopes to run a slightly longer race this year 50-80 miles – maybe just maybe!! (Obviously Potato will not be training up for a race this year, but rather just learning some fun mushing and freeplay skills with her pack)

Potato has caught Shawn’s eye as a puppy they wanted to keep from day 1. She has an incredible personality already. She’s very affectionate, but also curious, playful, and independent minded. 

This is a big deal you guys! 

I wish I was a more coherent story teller in my writing like William — alas this is the update I’ve curated. Thank you all so much for all of your support and love for the ATAO crew. I can’t wait to keep you updated on Ms Tato 

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