Watching ATAO kennel be built on its own foundation, with meticulous care is a great privilege. A year and a half ago, I knew next to nothing about the entirety of who Will is, and what mushing is. She has with great elaborate, scattered-brain, epic care shown me a whole new world and a whole new Will. Her dogs are her friends, teammates, equals.

I’m so proud of Will for yeses she has said, and even more proud of the no’s she has given. Will takes on a lot, because she is a naturally caring person (don’t you say otherwise Will — you ARE). She has a humongous heart, and epic stubbornness. I’m so proud of her for pulling out of the race this weekend. I was so worried about the doggos. Two sore friends, including old lady Bonnie (friends = dogs). That’s 33% of the team not operating at 100%. Sure, they could do it, but that’s not the first race ATAO deserves.

I’m so excited to be here to cheer on ATAO for their first race coming up on December 23rd! It’s going to be a short, 50 mile race, and I know Will is going to make it a hugely successful, and positive experience for all the dogs. That is what they need, and I am so proud of Will for making that the priority.

So human friends, thank you for your support of the ATAO journey. I can’t wait for you to all witness the first race of ATAO too! If you can, check out the ATAO wish list on Amazon to help contribute anything you can.


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