Description: A large yellow dog food bag reading “Big Mo’s Senior Os, 185lb Super Size” with an image of Mo, a slightly smaller red dog food bag reading “Good Thinkin’ Lincoln’s Smart Food, 50lb. Racer Size” with a picture of Lincoln, and a small blue dog food bag reading “Astro’s Amazing Adventure Bites, 10lb Growing Size” with a picture of Astro looking out of a rocket ship, sit together in a snowy landscape with the ATAO Logo in one corner, with the text: ATAO Kennel 2020-2021 Rookie Iditarod Season Kibble Drive. In the run up to Iditarod, the race team will consume 4,000lbs of kibble. That’s almost 22 Mos! You can support us by donating to our kibble fund. Donating at the $15 level and higher will get you our kibble bag stickers to show off your support!
Kibble Drive!
1/2 there!
So close!
  • Help ATAO reach our goal of two THREE tons (eek) of kibble for the Iditarod season
  • For each Astro, Lincoln, or Mo -sized bag of dog food you pledge, you get a sticker!
  • Pick out as many of each category as you like
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