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Thank you to everyone who participated in our guessing game! You all made some excellent predictions.

The puppies were born on 5/28 starting at 7:40 am. There are 3 females and 2 males, for 5 total pups. Here are the winners of this year’s games, and their guesses. Many folks guessed the right numbers, so we drew randomly out of the correct guesses to find the winner!

  • Closest Date w closest Time: Laura (5/28, 6:04 am)
  • Closest *just* time: Rosie: (7:36am)
  • Closest total number: Puppy Jones & Leslie (5)
  • Closest number of males: Jbug (2)
  • Closest number of females: Coleen B. (3)
  • Closest all categories combined: Margie (5/28 1:02 AM, 5, 2m, 3f)

If you are one of these winners, please email us at so we can coordinate getting you your prize!

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Stay tuned for a pretty cool interactive sled dog experience, coming soon. Have a guess what it is? Tweet at me. If someone figures it out, I’ll send them a hat.

The Puppy Portal is a work in progress! Check back here soon for potential things like:

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Thank you for supporting ATAO and our journey ONWARD.

Puppy Pals and the Puppy Portal are pay-what-you-can. Be kind, enjoy puppies.