Puppy Pals and the Puppy Portal are pay-what-you-can. Be kind, enjoy puppies.

This is a weird time and a lot of folks don’t have much at all. That’s part of why we wanted to bring you a little happiness in the form of fuzzy friends. And we believe in creating content that can be accessed by all, without a paywall.

If you like, you can donate to the pups to help keep the puppy portal in action. Funds go towards puppy supplies and towards keeping ATAO one of the happiest places to be a sled dog.


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Ophelia Belleh Livestream https://t.co/Yqdx0Q7oo4

Games & Things to Do

Guess the date, time, and litter size of Ophelia's puppies. We will pick winners for each question: date, time, total litter size, number of males, and number of females. If there are multiple correct guesses in a category, we'll do a drawing to select who gets the prize. Ophelia & Crunch "tied the knot" two times over three days, starting on March 28th. The typical gestation for dogs is 63 days, give or take. Ophelia had four pups in her previous (first) litter: three males and one female. Guessing will be open until Sunday, May 25th at 1am AK Time.
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Video & Updates

The next puppy livestream will be Sunday, May 3rd (when we’ll talk to Ophelia’s belly) at 11am AK time. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel or check back here to see the video! Meanwhile– write a message to send to the pups!


ATAO Kennel on Twitter

So– This is who we are, and why we do what we do. And also, if you dig it, how you can join in the adventure. https://t.co/m2xmZJDQx3

The Puppy Portal is a work in progress! Check back here soon for potential things like:

  • Puppy chat?
  • Video, picture, and ATAO puppy content feeds
  • Art wall
  • Pet a puppy (virtually)

Thank you for supporting ATAO and our journey ONWARD.