We are remarkably lucky to have a sponsor for almost every dog at ATAO. There has been a lot of interest in sponsoring one of the new puppies. In the interest of fairness, we are holding a lottery to get to sponsor one of these incredible athletes.

You sign up here. This lottery will be held open until June 15th. We will draw a number for each applicant who enters the lottery between now and June 15th, 2020. Whoever gets number one gets first pick of the available dogs, and so on down the list.

If you win a sponsorship, you will be responsible for $50 or $100 / month through Patreon. You are a sponsor of that dog for as long as you continue to pledge that amount.

When all the dogs have been sponsored, the remaining lottery entrants will be held on a waiting list. If and when another dog becomes available to sponsor, whoever is next on the list may opt to sponsor that dog. This includes any future puppies or adult dogs who join the team.

We will only hold this lottery a few times a year! If you think you might be interested in sponsoring dogs in the near future, you should enter the lottery now. We will only open up a new lottery when we have exhausted the current waiting list.

If you are next to pick available dogs, but you choose not sponsor whoever is available, you may pass. Your name will go to the bottom of the waiting list (which includes all the un-sponsoring lottery applicants here). If you decide you can’t be a sponsor at all for some reason (financially, or otherwise), you may be removed from the waiting list per request.

You do not have to pay or sign up on Patreon to enter the lottery. Signing up ahead of the lottery for the Dog Sponsorship tier does not guarantee a sponsorship slot.

If you have any questions, please email will@ataokennel.com.

To sign up, enter here:

The lottery is closed!

Who is still unsponsored?