Whoops, all puppies!

Marnie surprised us with a new group of friends on March 17th (yes, St. Pat’s!).

If you want to follow and support the pups, here’s how:

Be a Buddy! You’ll get all the firsthand updates about the pups, and you can also pick out your three favorite ATAO dogs to follow– Or more!

Donate to the puppy pool! …Not a real pool, yet, but maybe someday?? Meanwhile, you can donate through PayPal or Venmo here. This will go towards puppy shots, mama dog care, puppy toys, and coffee for the human puppy tenders… Plus any other “surprises” along the way!!!

Thank you to all of our ATAO friends for being part of this ever surprising journey! ONWARD!

Shawn and a Marnie pupplegänger