Testing Testing 123!

Hi friends! If you have found this post, congrats! I’m testing out a cool new thing that ATAO will be doing shortly… Sharing the tracks of our expeditions and journeys! This will be available to my Patreon subscribers! Patreon is a website that lets you pledge a small monthly amount towards something cool (like your favorite kennel!), and in return you get exclusive access to neat content. In some of the tiers of pledging, you’d get access to following my tracker a few times a month as ATAO goes on expeditions, camping runs, very slow human runs, races, etc.

This map is just a test! In your email (as this is only going out to email subscribers), it may look a little funky. You can just ignore the weirdness, or you can look at it by going here! Since you’re still reading this, if you’d like, you can check out my Patreon page. Let me know if you have any feedback! Does the idea sound cool? Do the tiers sound reasonable? If you are so wildly inclined, you can even jump aboard and become patrons before the official Grand Opening! The page is here at patreon.com/ataokennel .

And now for an inserted nonsensical map as I test tracking!

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