The Dogs Have Lice!

The dogs have lice!!!!

JK. Here is a series of Will-isms that may give you a better picture into the mind of a slightly neurotic sled dog…oh wait, human.

1.The Dogs Have Lice!

Will has many moments that we like to call a “the dogs have lice” moments. Once upon a time Will brought home Ophelia and Hooch. They both got nice baths at a local pet path place first, then doom struck! The dogs got lice from there! Will’s brain broke with nothing but the end of the world thoughts circling around! Here is a picture of the fluffball Ophelia covered in lice.

Oh wait, she looks just fine.

Oh wait, and she was.

These are moments to be patient with Will. I love Will through all of the “the dog have lice” moments, and with some time, perspective, and patients, things work out.


2. Butter emergency!

This is a literal butter emergency. The toast has popped and there needs to be butter on it NOW or it will not melt correctly and breakfast/lunch/dinner/Will-only-eats-bread will be ruined! Fundamentally I disagree with a butter emergency. Firstly I don’t like bread. Secondly, if I did eat bread, I would want big hunks of COLD butter on it.

Irregardless. The term “butter emergency” while mostly relating to literal butter, can also refer to something that needs to happen NOW or the world ends! See a pattern?…nah…

Adding this vocabulary helps cut the tension when there is something that needs to get done immediately. Nobody is abandoning anybody, rather this thing that needs to get done is suddenly an all-consuming thing. Get out of the way, wait, and come back together to laugh.


3. I don’t want solutions!

The toughest of the Will-isms. Picture this: Will is feeling depressed and Will is neglecting self care. Naturally: the world is ending, and Will is singing a song about being a failure. Sing it with us:


I’m a failure

I’m a failure

And it cuts me to the COOOOOOORE

…and all possible suggestions are met with “I don’t want solutions!”

What to do now? Mush-Ha-Ha-Ahhhhh! (Evil laugh) REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!

In all-honesty though, we all feel this way sometimes. I don’t like what I have to do, and I don’t want other solutions. Teamwork usually helps accomplish these tasks, when the opposing partner is able to give a little extra.



  1. John Breiby
    | Reply

    Funny writing, Shawn! Sounds like you and Will have figured out categories for every emergency in life.
    Thanks for sharing.

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