What’s fun got to do with it?

You may have already seen that we have also withdrawn from the Quest 300 this year. Based on the immense outpouring of support for the kennel, I think– I hope– you will forgive us that. It’s been a tough run of it, and after a lot of soul searching we realized the final half of the winter will be best spent trying to recover the concept of “fun.”

I burned myself out so thoroughly that getting onto a sled seems nauseating. I don’t want to do it.

Long ago, I promised myself that if it got to a point where I didn’t enjoy mushing, I’d stop. I don’t mean I want to stop mushing entirely. That wouldn’t be fair to the dogs, who are decidedly NOT sick of it! But, for the moment, I’m taking a step back, and focusing on some other exercise methods. We’ve been doing a lot of free play, inside time, and socialization to keep the restless huskies entertained… and to try to re-locate our fun.

I’m still taking a breather from heavy involvement with social media– thanks for bearing with me on that front. I will strive to post more on the blog, so keep your eye on this space!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to enjoy the dogs for themselves, their goofiness, and their enthusiasm for all life presents them.

At some point, I will want to get back on the runners. When I do, I’ll let you know.

In the best way we can (in the pausing and reflecting way, today): Onward.

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  1. Deb
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  2. John Breiby
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    Hi Will, nothing to forgive whatsoever! Don’t beat yourself up! As I said in my last comment, I’ve never understood the competitive aspect of sports, anyway, but have always enjoyed getting out in the woods, skiing, and a loooonnng time ago, running on friends’ sleds with borrowed dogs. I enjoyed the dogs, but not untangling them as I didn’t know them very well and they got themselves tangled up again. But anyway, just go for a run, let them trot along at their own speed, and enjoy the scenery going by. Have fun! Enjoy your dogs and Shawn (not necessarily in that order).

    Best to you and Shawn; pat the dogs for us!


  3. Melissa A Galvin
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    The puppers look healthy and happy and that’s a big accomplishment! Take the rest at the pace that suits you right now. We love ATAO!!

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