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So, here’s a favorite story of mine. It is highly immersed in and important to the Goggins-Troshynski narrative.
Franky and I had been dating maybe 8 months. I’m calling Will, Franky because that is how they introduced themselves to me in the alternate universe of Minneapolis. ANYWAYS, Franky was launching some new ATAO website work or something, and invited me to a “Work Party!” at my apartment that evening. Awesome! A celebration of hard work? I was all in!
I went all over town getting supplies for the party. I got an ice cream cake form Dairy Queen. Let me just say that it is a true disappointment that there is no Dairy Queen in Fairbanks! Or Applebee’s! OR CHIPOTLE!?!?! Whyyyyy? So…I have an ice cream cake, and I go to Target – again no Target in Fairbanks >:( – and I buy Franky a gift! I got them a coffee mug with a funny saying and some matching socks! Also, yes I did buy an ice cream cake in the middle of summer in the Midwest and then go into Target and shop for a while. Why?!
I even invited our good friend Arthur to celebrate and have a fun launch party night. I got home, so excited. I snuck the cake into the freezer and presented Franky with their gift. They opened it, and said thank you. I probably got a hug, but I don’t remember because what happened next…NOT cool. Franky sat back down and started working, like I wasn’t even there? Brimming with excitement! Pride! … Okay..okay, expectations. You happy? I had expectations for the evening.
Time dragged on and Franky just worked and worked. Arthur came over, and I explained this was not a party…but just Franky working. I turned on a Netflix show, and sadly ate a piece of ice cream cake. It was awkward. I just wanted the night to be over. I was now stuck entertaining a party that wasn’t even happening. I ate more cake.
Franky and I had a…disagreement…following this. Turns out this a normal thing that their family does. Everyone sits down and works on their own things separately, and this is “spending time together.” 😮
Where do you stand on this? Is working independently something you can do together? I can tell you, that that night I was on the side of…duhhh NO. It’s not together if it’s independent? That’s like playing your own game of Monopoly. What’s even the point?
So, with each relationship you make, you have to learn new traditions. Will likes to have ‘work parties.’ This is a normal part of our week now at ATAO. Between a full time job and running a sled dog kennel, I wouldn’t get any time with Will if it weren’t for work parties. I’ve adapted to this form of spending time together. And maybe even like it sometimes.
Why did I tell this story? Well, 1. because I like it, and 2. because get off my back, I can do what I want mom. Or, because Will has been hosting a series of ‘work parties’ in preparation for the Copper Basin, and it’s in the forefront of my mind. We have an amazing support system out here. Padee, a great friend of ours, has been saving our butts doing prep work for the race: mixing vaccines, writing addresses for cards to founders and buddies, cutting meat chunks – ew. Lots more. Thank you so much Padee if by any chance you read this and get this far.
FARTS. Did anyone read that? IDK. I wouldn’t read anything this long.
Also Sarah has been a big support at the kennel. The mushing conditions aren’t the best this year, with little snowfall. So, having another set of hands on a sled to get the dogs ready for the race is so much appreciated. Sarah also spends time helping around the kennel with odd chores, keeping a little space of Will’s brain a little more sane. Will often says the state of her office is a representation of her brain…AND HOOOO BOI! It is a state right now. So once again thank you Sarah.
I have a million more thank yous –  you’s. Er. Multiple thanks. Mr. Timothy Goggins has put together the most amazing founder’s gift ever! Customized amazing cups with Hooch on the front! Arthur, our buddy from Minnesota per the story above, who booked tickets to come and help out at Copper Basin. More thank you’s more thank yous.
Lastly, I promise this time, thank you to Will for teaching me a new way to spend time with someone. Working hard on your passions, and supporting each other. You’re alright I guess.

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  1. kia car
    | Reply

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any wayy you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

    • Will Troshynski
      | Reply

      Hey kia, sorry for the delay, and sorry for the annoyance! I’ll see if I can disable that for ya. -WT

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