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The Day after Tomorrow
| |

Welp– This is it. We’re finally here. It’s hard to believe after the weeks of training, angsting, and loving on dogs, that the Copper Basin starts this Saturday. We never would have gotten even close to this start line if … Read More

How to Follow the CB300
| |

It’s only TEN days til the Copper Basin! Are you ready? The race starts Saturday, January 12 at 10 am AK time. We’ll be posting a lot of content leading up to the race, and with the fantastic Human Team, … Read More

Solstice 50 Recap Athlete by Athlete
| |

If you are a patron, you may have seen the Solstice 50 Recap I did that talks about the prep, the trails, the reflection of last year’s race, and more! If you haven’t seen it yet you can find it … Read More

The Human Team
| |

There’s no way we could accomplish any race without an amazing human crew. The Copper Basin takes an especially dedicated crew. For some sled dog races, you send the musher and team off, and see them at the end. For … Read More

77 & the Vet
| |

Yesterday, the team and I conquered a really big milestone… We did a 75 mile run! In fact, we did a 77 mile run. Our scheduled 75 mile run was thwarted by me losing the team. I’ve been taking Wednesdays … Read More

The Walking Sled
| |

In the course of mushing, there is an important rite of passage. I have already done this rite of passage. Luckily I can still count on one hand the number of times I’ve done it, and I don’t intend to … Read More

Work Party
| |

So, here’s a favorite story of mine. It is highly immersed in and important to the Goggins-Troshynski narrative. Franky and I had been dating maybe 8 months. I’m calling Mari, Franky because that is how they introduced themselves to me in the alternate universe … Read More

Weekend Pupdate
| |

I’m taking a mental health break from social media! You’ll see posts from me there, but I am not intaking anything from those platforms– And as we lead up to the race, I’ll be posting a lot more from here. … Read More

The Final Stretch
| |

Looking back through pictures, I am flabbergasted to find that the winter has carried forward like a steam engine, and our race is almost here. WOW. You may have noticed that I have cut back my presence on social media. … Read More

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