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Announcements! Stuff! Things!
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Another post so soon?? You must have so much time on your hands Mari! (I do not have so much time on my hands but there are things to announce!) We have some important things for ATAO followers to know. … Read More

A Good Crew
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Hi friends! It’s only 61 days til the Copper Basin. Thanks to so many of you, we’re well on the way there. We got a huge order of meat that will last us til racetime and keep the dogs in … Read More

Training Starts Now
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Much like every other day, training starts today. Last week, I realized we have 9 weeks to go til the Copper Basin. That’s not much time at all! With the lack of snow and hard trails, I had held back … Read More

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Welp– It’s happening. We made it into the Copper Basin 300! It turns out that I shouldn’t have been so nervous about that part, because only 34 teams have signed up this year… So there was not danger of not … Read More

Night Run
| |

Last night, Shawn and I went to dinner with my dad and a friend of his in town. It was wonderful! We got home latish, though, which was well enough because temps were great when I hooked up the team. … Read More

Beta Tracking Test!
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Prep in the City
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In Minneapolis, the skies gray over, and the wind blows a little more chill. Greenery still prevails, but I can taste fall; it tastes like a herald to go home. I’ll miss the apple orchards here, the gradient of changing … Read More

Updates and Life: Traveling, Training, and the Start
| |

ATAO has officially been around for a year and some change now. We have a great team ready and raring to go, and we’re excited to be aiming for one of my favorite races, the Copper Basin 300. We have … Read More

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Over the last few weeks, our lives have been dictated by the idea of movement. We have moved to a new house. We are traveling, moving physically thousands of miles from home. I am taking a major leap forward toward … Read More

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