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When I was 8 or 9 years old, I decided I wanted to be a boy. I loved the way my undeveloped chest looked. Being a boy felt more correct to me. I asked my father one weekend, “Dad, can … Read More

The Wild Skagway Adventure
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Bright and early on the morning of May 1st, Sarah and I loaded up most of the ATAO team: Rey, Rebel, Rogue, Sundance, Cassidy, Furiosa, Egret, Aurora, Belle, Nala, and Sarah’s Mad Max, and Misty. We had a long trip … Read More

Buddies, Puppies, and People! Oh My!
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The end of April marks the official “end of the season.” On May 1st, we’ll be driving 9 of the ATAO teammates, 2 Dream Catcher Sled Dogs (Sarah’s friends!), and 19 dogs from two other cool kennels down to Skagway, … Read More

Ophelia is Pregnant!!!
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Ophelia is getting wider by the day! In case you didn’t know, this spring (during Iditarod time!) we bred Ophelia to a neighboring heckuva leader named Brock. Both Ophelia and Brock are BIG dogs, which means we’ll add some height … Read More

New Recruits!
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Pretty exciting news… Today we added two more faces to the ATAO team. You may recall that Max and R2 will be leaving the race team for bigger and betterment pursuits- Max will join Sarah to start her kennel Dream … Read More

Brains and Breaks
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Shawn said, “You should go down to Out of a Jam and work for a couple weeks.” Shawn said, “You know that’s good for your brain.” Shawn said, “You know that seeing Michael is good for you.” Shawn said, “You … Read More

Monster Sponsors and Other News
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Spring is in the air and we have some exciting news to share. Oops I rhymed! First of all, we have some new Monster Sponsors to introduce! Will V. snagged Nala as her sponsoree just before the Copper Basin. Thank … Read More

CB300 Part 5: Point Lodge to Finish
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Part 1: Start to Chisto Part 2: Chisto to Meier’s Part 3: Meier’s to Sourdough Part 4: Sourdough to Point Lodge While Iditarod begins its final chapter, it’s time for me to write about the last leg of the Copper … Read More

CB300 Part 4: Sourdough to Point Lodge
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Part 1: Start to Chisto Part 2: Chisto to Meier’s Part 3: Meier’s to Sourdough We traveled on the river for only a few hundred yards before we jumped up into a wooded trail. This section of the race would … Read More

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